Codename: Sob Story: The Tale of a Picket Line Sailor During WWII

For close to seventy years, Robert J. Steinmetz Sr. never spoke about the time he served in the Pacific during WWII. Not even his wife or four children knew the details of the three years he served in the United States Navy. UNTIL NOW. Codename: Sob Story is the true story of how Steiny, a 19-year old Philadelphia native, fought and survived aboard the USS Gear ARS 34. Through seven major Pacific invasions, hopeless nights and longer days, he learned war is not something you can get away from--it stays with you for life. An "as told to" memoir, written by his granddaughter.

Incredible Comic Book Women with Tom Nguyen: The Kick-Ass Guide to Drawing Hot Babes!

Smokin' chicks at your fingertips!You are holding the ultimate guide to drawing kick-ass comic book babes, from sultry eyes and succulent lips to the killer bodies that go with them. Whether you want to capture the likenesses of girls you know or bring fantasy women to life on paper, this book tells you everything you need to create super-heroines, damsels in distress and other original female characters.Step-by-step instruction for drawing eyes, mouths, hands and moreDrawing instruction on hairstyles, clothing, facial expressions, ethnic and age variations and much moreExpert tips on working with models and photo references, drawing dynamic poses and pumping up the drama with cool lighting effectsFive full-length demonstrations simulate real-life "assignments," from cover art to a complete comic-book page Packed with tons of sexy chicks and sweet tricks for boosting the "babe factor" in your own creations, these pages will rock your drawing world.